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Preclinical Research: Emphasizing to the cause of a disease

Preclinical research, when related to molecular biology data analysis, mostly includes statistical analysis to identify significantly differentiated molecules in the phenotypes under study. This process leads to a high false positive rate and when corrections for multiple testing are performed, most of the time no significant changes are found. Furthermore, the process of finding molecules to target is time consuming and expensive. Many experts are utilizing a multitude of commercial and open source tools to achieve this task.

With InSyBio’s patent-pending network analysis technology, we are able to identify molecules differentiated at the network level and be more confident that these markers are more likely to be linked with the cause of the disease instead of its outcome or symptoms. Moreover, InSyBio can significantly reduce the time and money needed for a single biomarker discovery analysis by integrating the whole process in our main product, InSyBio Suite, which minimizes the effort needed by bioinformatics experts for the analysis.

InSyBio’s services for Pharmaceutical companies can save time and money by:

  • Speeding up their procedures for finding drug targets
  • Solving effectively the biomarker discovery problem for drug response and disease diagnosis and prognosis
  • Predicting and analyzing drug side effects by protein-protein interaction network analysis
  • Providing most needed bioinformatics tools and methods in an easy to use interface which can be accessed and used by molecular biologists without the need of hiring bioinformatics experts
  • Effectively solving the biomarker discovery problem of drug effectiveness/toxicity prediction to accelerate and optimize clinical trials
  • Accelerating preclinical trials by offering drug targeting services and analytics to minimize and predict side effects.
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