Solutions for Nutrition & Cosmetics Industry

Dietary and nutritional products affect individuals differently based on their genetic predisposition, nutritional lifestyle, exercises habits, and their environments.

InSyBio’s biomarker discovery technology is able to personalize the application of dietary and nutritional products.

InSyBio’s services for nutrition & cosmetics companies can provide additional value to them by enabling their R&D’s tasks with:

  • Providing personalized diet/dietary product selection via the identification of predictive biomarkers
  • Measuring and quantifying the effect of nutritional products on human proteome and transcriptome
  • Solving effectively the biomarker discovery problem for personalized diet selection
  • Forecasting the impact of specific ingredients, foods, beverages, and diets in the organism’s proteome and metabolism utilizing our unique biomarker discovery pipelines
  • Providing essential bioinformatics tools and methods through a user-friendly interface allowing use by molecular biologists without the need for interpretation by outside bioinformatics experts
  • Accelerating the design of new nutritional or cosmeceutical products by locating specific natural products with predefined bioactivity (antimicrobial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and so on) via the location of peptides with predefined bioactivity.

For more information visit InSyBio Personalization Test.

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