Scientific Journal Publications

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  2. Pallante, L., Korfiati, A., Androutsos, L., Stojceski, F., Bompotas, A., Giannikos, I., … & Deriu, M. A. (2022). Toward a general and interpretable umami taste predictor using a multi-objective machine learning approach. Scientific Reports12(1), 21735.
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  4. Gudin, J., Mavroudi, S., & Korfiati, A. Personalized Pain Therapy: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Utilized to Predict Patient Response to OTC Topical Analgesics. Anesth Pain Res. 2021; 5 (1): 1-11. Correspondence: Peter Hurwitz, Clarity Science LLC750.
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  7. Giotopoulou, G. A., Ntaliarda, G., Μarazioti, A., Lilis, I., Spiropoulou, N., Kalogianni, F., … & Stathopoulos, G. T. (2021). cAMP response element-binding protein mediates immune-evasion of KRAS-mutant lung adenocarcinoma.
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