Pay Upon Success BioData Analysis Services

Expediting your Biodata Analysis & Outcome Prediction Modelling Process – We get it Done

InSyBio is a scale-up company with an established technology that has 2 non-provisional patents submitted in USPO, more than 500 active users generating more than $150k revenues annually, as well as more than 40 publications in peer-reviewed articles for applications and scalable infrastructure.

Data agnostic outcome prediction across diseases and phenotypes is transparent, replicable, 10 times cheaper and 5 times faster.

InSyBio outcome prediction & data analysis services across contract reasearch organizations and pharma companies solve major operational challenges and reduce existing complexities.

The provided biodata analysis is empowered by InSyBio Suite, a Software-as-a-Service platform delivered over the cloud, which allows streamlining the whole process and providing access to all intermediate and final results, data and reports.

Biomarker Discover within 1 Month free trial gives:

  • Patentable Biosignatures
  • Trained diagnostic/prognostic models
  • Comprehensive FDA and scientific journal compatible data analysis report
  • Support to move into production (3 months)

“Let us take the risk and discover your biomarkers”

Dr. Konstantinos Theofilatos CTO & Co-Founder

You can find more details about the Pay Upon Success BioData Analysis Services by downloading the InsyBio brochure Sales below:

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