InSyBio ncRNASeq

A Non-coding RNA analysis module for predicting and analyzing non-coding RNAs and miRNA target genes.

Non-coding RNA genes are RNA sequences transcribed from DNA, but not translated to proteins. Their identification, as well as the identification of the genes they regulate, is a promising area of research. Our non-coding RNA analysis is conducted by calculating the 58 most informative features described in literature and miRNA-miRNA targets interactions analysis by the 125 most informative ones. These analyses along with high performance machine learning techniques allow the computational prediction of miRNA genes and of their target genes. The results are stored in a knowledge base equipped with information retrieval tools which allows users to produce and extract their own datasets. InSyBio ncRNASeq enables users to predict and analyze miRNA genes and miRNA target genes

With InSyBio ncRNASeq InSyBio ncRNASeq also provides


Download InSyBio ncRNASeq Manual [PDF]