JSS forms strategic partnership with InSyBio to pioneer precision medicine innovation in clinical trials

In a bold approach to revolutionize a vital part of the pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industry and change the stagnant norm that is the clinical trial process, JSS Medical Research Inc. has strategically partnered with InSyBio, a leading bioinformatics company, to drive desperately needed transformation. With credit to Axios Investments Corporation for facilitating the partnership, InSyBio and JSS will closely collaborate on both pre- and post-approval studies that will be aimed at reducing time and costs for treatment approval but also ensure that they are safe and effective in the real-world setting.

As the largest Canadian-owned CRO and with an expansive presence internationally, JSS has positioned themselves as a frontrunner in the health research space and constantly pursues a superior methodology in evaluation of health care. Foreseeing the shift in industry to a precision medicine approach with increased focus on real-world-evidence, JSS will collaborate with InSyBio whose biomarker discovery and machine learning technology allows for targeted patient selection, marked risk and cost reduction which will greatly improve the probability of success in clinical trials while at the same time improving patient care in the real-world setting. Through this partnership with InSyBio, JSS has now greatly strengthened their portfolio of services by providing their clients with the tools to:

  • Identify and prioritize potential drug candidates and method to optimize the signal detection in clinical trials
  • Apply a biomarker discovery component in the clinical trials process to maximize the probability of success through more targeted patient stratification
  • Provide prognostic biosignatures and machine learning models for patient stratification and outcome endpoint prediction allowing for a precision medicine application of drugs and therapies
  • Identify the profile of responders and non-responders not covered by a specific drug, revealing new marketing opportunities for new drugs

“We at JSS look forward to enhancing the service offering we are providing to clients with the unique analytical skills and results offered by InSyBio. We believe this brings clinical research and the resulting data analysis into the modern AI age and advanced stage where better faster more accurate results in the clinical research process” stated JSS CEO & CSO, Dr. John Sampalis.

Labros Digonis, InSyBio’s CEO noted “This groundbreaking partnership with JSS will help to set an important precedent for all future clinical trials and raise the bar for measuring success. The expansion of JSS’ market reach combined with InSyBio’s trail-blazing analytics, applicable at all stages of clinical trials, empowers top pharma with optimal patient selection, minimized risk of trial failure and enables a considerably shorter time-to-market at a much lower cost.”

Anyone interested in learning more about this innovative precision medicine services package and how to use it in your pre-clinical research and/or clinical trials should contact our Director of Business Development (Ms. Mackenzie Hastings: m.hastings@insybio.com) to get more details and schedule a web presentation.

About InSyBio: InSyBio is an international pioneer bioinformatics revolutionizing the medical field, clinical trials and food/nutrition industries through targeted biomarker discovery and highly-accurate predictive analytics.

Its solutions provide the R&D departments of Pharma, Research Institutes and Food/Nutrition companies, with the means both analytically and computationally to meet their challenging research and innovation goals (such as robust biomarker discovery and accurate predictive models). This is done through a sophisticated, software-as-a-service, machine learning platform which comprehensively integrates multi-omics data reducing the number of samples and additional validation experiments needed. Since 2013, InSyBio has worked with hundreds of academics, large and small companies, hospitals and research centers allowing them to succeed in their biomarker discovery tasks with an increase of at least 10% in predictive accuracy and decrease of at least 80% in overall time and cost.

Visit www.insybio.com to see how InSyBio can help you reach your R&D goals in the era of Precision Medicine and personalized Nutrition.

For any further detail please contact our Director of Business Development, Mackenzie Hastings, at m.hastings@insybio.com.

About JSS Medical Research Inc.: JSS Medical Research is a full‐service International Contract Research Organization (CRO) with its corporate office in Montreal, Canada and regional offices in Colombia, India and Poland.

The company offers comprehensive clinical trial management services from study design to publication of results, in Phase I‐IV trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas. With science and clinical epidemiological expertise at its core and early phase services of the highest quality adhering to industry standards, JSS Medical Research is a leader in Post‐Approval Clinical Epidemiology Studies (PACES) including Post‐Marketing Observational Studies, Health Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Health Economics. Currently, JSS Medical Research is conducting research studies in over 21 countries around the world for its clients that include the top 25 Pharmaceutical companies and Biotechnology/Device companies, worldwide.

For more information, visit www.jssresearch.com.

About Axios Investments Corporation: Axios Investments Corporation is a commercial and investment firm based in Montreal, Canada that recognizes emerging opportunities in the health science an Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors.

For more information, visit www.axiosinvestments.ca.

For more News visit our InSyBio Blog.

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