InSyBio wins the Investor Prize in the category of Big Data for Health in Sanofi’s Labs in the VivaTech 2017 event

We are proud to announce that InSyBio is the winner of the Investor Prize in the category of Big Data for Health in Sanofi’s “Tech for health” Lab in VivaTech 2017 event ( which was held at Paris, 15-17 June, 2017.

InSyBio was one of the 34 innovative companies sponsored by Sanofi to join the Viva Technology 2017 event. In this event, we presented our biomarker discovery platform (InSyBio Suite) as a solution able to be a catalyst in accelerating Pharma clinical trials being achieved through the identification of key predictive biomarkers for i) drug toxicity and disease progression and ii) drug efficacy.

By winning the Investor’s prize InSyBio was given with the opportunity to discuss with top executives of Sanofi for a potential investment in our company, while is now in close contact with various Sanofi’s R&D departments to explore the applicability of InSyBio’s solution in various clinical trials and data analytics research projects of Sanofi around the world.

InSyBio’s experience in the VivaTech Event was exciting and gave our scientists the opportunity to get in touch with the pharma, nutrition and cosmetics ecosystems and industrial clusters in France. Additionally, several collaborations have been initiated with French IT and biotechnology companies for co-development and co-selling activities while InSyBio have also found strong interest from investors for the participation to its current Series A financing round.

InSyBio’s participation in the VivaTech 2017 event was supported by the French Embassy in Greece/ French Institute of Greece and the “Mazinnov” project, French Embassy’s initiative for the creation of bridges between Greek and French innovation ecosystems.

About InSyBio: InSyBio is a bioinformatics pioneer company in personalized healthcare which focuses on developing computational frameworks and tools for the analysis of complex life-science and biological data, aiming at the discovery of predictive integrated biomarkers (biomarkers of various categories) with applications in pharma, nutrition and cosmetics industries.

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