InSyBio Suite V2.6 has been launched offering a unique user experience and allowing exploration of the “dark matter” transcriptomics datasets

The new version of InSyBio Suite enables the fast and accurate analysis of omics data by non-bioinformatics experts empowered with novel techniques to explore the dark matter of the transcriptomics data. This new version:

  • has a new user interface to optimize the user experience of our subscribers making complex omics and multi-omics data analysis accessible to non-bioinformatics experts
  • allows exploration of previously unmapped reads of RNA-sequencing experiments with ready to use, efficient pipelines
  • minimizes the time and cost of bioinformatics analysis and provides innovative bioinformatics analysis which maximizes the chances of approval in high impact factor journals
  • provides more interpretable bioinformatics analysis

InSyBio Suite version 2.6 has been officially launched as of Friday November 15th 2019. The Chief Scientific Officer of InSyBio, Dr. Seferina Mavroudi, stated that “A significant amount of reads from RNA-seq experiments (usually 5%-50%) remains unexploited because they do not match to reference transcriptomes. Our new pipeline not only enables exploiting this information with our advanced in-silico methods for the prediction and accurate classification of non-coding RNAs from these data but also reveals new potential functionalities for some of the non-coding RNAs, e.g. miRNAs which are also functioning as tRNA fragments”.

In addition to its new user interface, InSyBio Suite now offers the following unique features:

  • InSyBio ncRNAseq: A new non-coding RNA-seq pipeline which enables the identification and functional characterization of non-coding RNAs from the “dark matter” of RNA-sequencing data consisting of the unmapped reads.
  • InSyBio BioNets: A new feature is included to allow for the automatic parsing and preprocessing of GSE files from Gene Expression Omnibus Database.
  • InSyBio Interact: A new functional enrichment module is included and empowered by our patent-pending technology which has functionally characterized more than 90% of the human and mouse proteins and transcripts.

InSyBio’s CEO, Labros Digonis, stated that “The mission of InSyBio was always to bridge the gap of systems biology with translational research. We think that launching the new version of InSyBio Suite is a significant step in that direction as it now allows accessibility of complex bioinformatics tools and methods to molecular biologists, physicians and biotechnology researchers without requiring them to have a bioinformatics background or expensive computing infrastructures.”

InSyBio is offering a free, one-month license to use InSyBio Suite’s all new tools and functionalities. Request your free trial now by completing a simple form at:

The new version of InSyBio Suite will be presented by our Product Development Manager, Miss Aigli Korfiati, at the 14th annual HSCBB conference (HSCBB19 – which will take place at the FORTH/ICE-HT Conference Center, on December 8-10, 2019 in Patra, Greece.

About InSyBio: InSyBio is an international pioneer bioinformatics revolutionizing the medical field, clinical trials and food/nutrition industries through targeted biomarker discovery and highly-accurate predictive analytics.

Its solutions provide the R&D departments of Pharma, Research Institutes and Food/Nutrition companies, with the means both analytically and computationally to meet their challenging research and innovation goals (such as robust biomarker discovery and accurate predictive models). This is done through a sophisticated, software-as-a-service, machine learning platform which comprehensively integrates multi-omics data reducing the number of samples and additional validation experiments needed. Since 2013, InSyBio has worked with hundreds of academics, large and small companies, hospitals and research centers allowing them to succeed in their biomarker discovery tasks with an increase of at least 10% in predictive accuracy and decrease of at least 80% in overall time and cost.

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