InSyBio Personalization Test

Our Artificial Intelligence biodata analysis platform, InSyBio Suite, allows building personalized tests in less than a month, minimizing the time and front investment required by at least 80%. Moreover, using our breakthrough technology we are increasing accuracy by at least 10% and allowing building of such models from low sample size studies (approx. 100 participants).

Individualizing nutrition/nutraceutical products

The InSyBio Personalization Test can be used to allow your clients to predict the benefits from using your nutritional, nutraceutical, vitamin, probiotic and supplement products before even purchasing them.

Dietary and nutritional products affect individuals differently based on their genetic predisposition, nutritional lifestyle, exercise habits, and their environments.

InSyBio is taking the risk and effort needed to implement through a pilot project a Personalized Test for your product to predict the individualized benefits of your customers from using your product.

The predicted outcomes and the final input data will change for each product and this one of the outcomes of the machine learning-based analysis conducted within the pilot project.

Design for developing the InSyBio Personalization Test for your product

An example of an InSyBio Personalization Test is its use for personalizing a weight loss supplement. In the left of this picture, we can see the web form the customers should complete and on the right, the individualized outcomes predicted using the trained models for a particular obese participant showing that using this particular product, he is expected in 6 months to reduce weight by 10.3% and improve sports activity by 24.8%.

InSyBio Personalization Test for your customers

Using our Personalization Test, individuals can make a more informed decision about which products to use, by quantifying/predicting the benefits and their satisfaction from using the under-study nutrition, vitamin or nutraceutical product. According to our reports there is a market segment (estimated around 16% for supplements and continuously growing) composed of customers who prefer products when accompanied with personalization.

If you are interested in this unique offering that can help you beat the competition and increase your sales by at least 20% in one year, please book a meeting with our experts to discuss the technical details and the logistics of such a collaboration and pilot project.

Chiara Dirkes, Business Development Associate

Our data processing, collection and sharing processes are ICO certified and our data analysis is conducted via the IBM cloud using highly certified and secure processes (

In addition to that our products are monthly based using modern penetration testing techniques to maintain a high level of security while transfer of raw data is enabled only using secure ftp (sftp) protocol connections.

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