InSyBio Mission

InSyBio is a global biotechnology company meeting the needs of molecular biology researchers in the academia, private research sector and pharmaceutical companies. Offering tools for biomarker discovery, biological data management, secured storage and computational bio-data analysis, our mission is to accelerate preclinical and clinical studies of pharmaceutical companies as well as to provide precise solutions for biomarker discovery in nutrition industry, biotechnology industry and academia. For this reason, we are striving for the continuous production of intelligent and innovative algorithms to assist our customers in inferring knowledge from experimental data.

Being a young company, InSyBio aspires to contribute to the development of the globalized orientation of entrepreneurship through its association and cooperation with academic, research and business organizations worldwide. At InSyBio, we are passionate about supporting our customers to minimize their efforts, as they design and develop new drugs, nutritional products, therapeutic and diagnostic methods.

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