InSyBio enters Loyal VC investment Stage 2 and initiates the next financing round

In April 2023, InSyBio entered the second investment stage of the Loyal VC program and will receive follow-up funding from the Toronto, Canada-based international fund with active partnerships with Founder Institute and INSEAD. This funding will be part of InSyBio’s ongoing Series A financial round of a total of 2,000,000 Euros, with Loyal VC further assisting in completing this financial round with connections to its global network of over 800 advisors and experienced entrepreneurs, accelerator leaders, advisors, angels and venture investors.

InSyBio is a member of the Loyal VC program for the past 1½ years. During this period, InSyBio i) launched and commercialized InSyBio Chronic Pain Precision Treatment Tool series, ii) improved its biodata analysis platform, InSyBio Suite, and launched InSyBio DNAseq tool and thematic platforms for Cancer, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Nutrition and iii) optimized its business development and sales processes doubling its revenues each year.

InSyBio’s CEO Labros Digonis stated: “With the help of Loyal VC we shall speed up the completion of our open financing round addressed to selected investors and accelerate commercialization of market-sought solutions:

  • Establishing InSyBio suite as the platform of choice for the discovery of biomarkers from single and multi-omics data for both Pharma and Nutrition Companies.
  • Expanding business in the nutrition sector, partnering with nutrition companies to co-develop with them InSyBio Personalization tests and personalize their own product lines.
  • Developing and putting into the market our molecular tests for personalizing therapies of osteoarthritis and brain tumors.

Loyal VC Managing Partner, Michael Kosic, stated: “Competition within our portfolio for follow-on funding is fierce and the team at InSyBio rose to the top and gained a traction stage investment from us as we started to see the results of their go-to-market strategy bear fruit. We expect the trajectory to continue and are excited by the future prospects for InSyBio.

About InSyBio: InSyBio is an international pioneer biotechnology company revolutionizing the medical field, clinical trials and food/nutrition industries through targeted biomarker discovery, highly-accurate predictive analytics and the development of personalization tests for drugs, nutraceuticals and nutrition products.

Its solutions provide the R&D departments of Pharma, Research Institutes and Food/Nutrition companies, with the means both analytically and computationally to meet their challenging research and innovation goals (such as robust biomarker discovery and accurate predictive models).  This is done through a   sophisticated, software-as-a-service, machine learning platform which comprehensively integrates multi-omics data reducing the number of samples and additional validation experiments needed. Since 2013, InSyBio has worked with hundreds of academics, large and small companies, hospitals and research centers allowing them to succeed in their biomarker discovery tasks with an increase of at least 10% in predictive accuracy and a decrease of at least 80% in overall time and cost.

Visit to see how InSyBio can help you reach your R&D goals in the era of Precision Medicine and Nutrition. For more News visit our InSyBio Blog.

About Loyal VC: Loyal VC operates a global startup index fund with over 300 investments across more than 50 countries. The fund is designed to minimize systemic bias inherent in the investment process, unlocking greater returns.  The Loyal Startup Index Fund has delivered strong returns since its launch in 2018, thanks to its collaborative, staged investment process, its network of over 800 advisors, and its global relationships with the Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator, and INSEAD, rated the #1 non-US business school for unicorn founders by Pitchbook.  Loyal’s global start-up index fund is inclusive of a diverse, often mission-driven, group of entrepreneurs. To date over 30% of the portfolio have a woman CEO, almost 30% are from emerging markets, and around 80% address one or more of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). 

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