InSyBio awarded on Ignite Ideas program organised by Nestle Hellas

InSyBio has been recently awarded for its superior performance in the context of the Ignite Ideas program ( which was organised by Nestle Hellas.

InSyBio has participated in this program, with its revolutionary idea of personalizing the coffee blend and type selection combining input from a saliva test and responses to questionnaires in order to maximize taste satisfaction as well as other metrics such as quality of sleep and athletic performance. This personalization is empowered with InSyBio’s proprietary biomarker discovery and predictive analytics technologies.

The whole program lasted approximately 6 months and it consisted of three intense phases including extended mentoring from experts from Nestle Hellas and the Athens Center for Entepreneurship and Innovation. During this project we had the chance to optimize the business plan for the personalized coffee selection services we provide and design a first pilot project with Nestle Hellas.

On the 23rd of May, our CEO Labros Digonis, presented our project in front of Nestle Hellas top executives together with the other 5 awarded teams (Coffeco, foodakai, bio2chp, Bespot, shopmind). Within the next 6 months our R&D team will be closely working with Nestle Hellas for implementing the pilot project that has been designed in the context of this program. The outcome of this project will be a personalized coffee selection system which will allow for the first time coffee consumers to select the coffee blend and preparation type that fit their genome and their demographic and lifestyle characteristics in order to maximize taste satisfaction.

About Ignite Ideas: “Ignite Ideas” is a Nestlé Hellas initiative aiming to support new ventures (startups) with similar business interests. The initiative is co-organised by the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin), the incubation center of the Athens University of Economics and Business. The program aims at developing a (virtual) accelerator of innovative ideas by equipping the participating startups with knowledge, skills, tools and the confidence required to further develop their ideas.

Innovation has been at the heart of Nestlé Group since its beginning. The inventions of Farine Lactée, the first food for infants, by Henri Nestlé in 1867, the “champagne of waters” or the Perrier water that we all know by Sir John Harmsworth in 1903, Nescafé instant coffee by a team of experts in 1929 and Nespresso by Eric Favre, a Nestlé employee back in 1975, are just some of the milestones that prove that behind every bright idea there is an equally bright mind. Today, Nestlé Group steadily invests in Research and Development, nutrition science and passion for quality. Consequently, Nestlé has the world’s largest private food and nutrition research organization, involving about 5000 people located in more than 30 R&D facilities worldwide.

Recognizing the significant presence of innovative ideas in the new Greek entrepreneurship, Nestlé Hellas through its “Ignite Ideas” program is aiming to locate the ideas that have potential for expansion and support them in order to contribute in the productive reconstruction of the country.

About InSyBio: InSyBio is an international bioinformatics pioneer company in precision medicine and nutrition, which focuses on developing computational frameworks and tools for the analysis of complex life-science and biological data.

Its solutions provide the R&D departments of Pharma, Research Institutes and Food/Nutrition companies, with the means both analytically and computationally to meet their challenging research and innovation goals (such as robust biomarker discovery and accurate predictive models). This is done through a sophisticated, software-as-a-service, machine learning platform which comprehensively integrates multi-omics data reducing the number of samples and additional validation experiments needed. Since 2013, InSyBio has worked with hundreds of academics, large and small companies, hospitals and research centers allowing them to succeed in their biomarker discovery tasks with an increase of at least 10% in predictive accuracy and decrease of at least 80% in overall time and cost.

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