How digital tools can improve your product development

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This webinar introduced state-of-the-art digital tools and their application for the different stages of product development. It was co-hosted by EuroPharm VINC – The Capital of Life Sciences, and InSyBio.

It is the 3rd webinar of the series “Increasing pharma SMEs’ competitiveness through digitalization and cooperation with start-ups”. The objective of this series is to show and discuss different perspectives and the benefits but also actual use cases in the cooperation between start-ups and SMEs in pharma.
Webinar #3 “How digital tools can improve your product development” focus on the use of digital tools to streamline, optimize and save money and time from all stages of product development, especially in the pharma and nutrition industries.
This webinar is a value-add for all professionals involved in different stages of product development in the #pharma and #nutrition industries, even for the most experienced industry veterans.

The webinar was hosted by Stephan Freudl, Managing Partner at VINC – The Capital of Life Sciences ( together with Dr. Theofilatos Konstantinos, CTO of INSYBIO ( and moderated by Alain Verrijdt from Europharm smc.

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About VINC: Life Sciences is our language. We advise, invest, license, and grow companies in our area of expertise. If you are in Life Sciences, Healthcare, or Digital Health, we can equip you with all the right tools to accelerate you on the way to your purpose.

Core Industry Focus: Pharma/BioTech, MedTech, Diagnostics, HealthTech/Digital Health
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Advisory: Strategic M&A, Corporate Finance, and Consulting Services
Growth Ventures: Venture Journey Partner from the Foundation until EXIT / Fundraising Sprint
Licensing Services: Pharmaceutical Product In- and Out-Licensing Facilitator Investments: Enabling (private) Investors to participate in Investment Opportunities alongside Venture Capital

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About InSyBio: InSyBio is an international pioneer bioinformatics revolutionizing the medical field, clinical trials and food/nutrition industries through targeted biomarker discovery and highly-accurate predictive analytics.

Its solutions provide the R&D departments of Pharma, Research Institutes and Food/Nutrition companies, with the means both analytically and computationally to meet their challenging research and innovation goals (such as robust biomarker discovery and accurate predictive models). This is done through a sophisticated, software-as-a-service, machine learning platform which comprehensively integrates multi-omics data reducing the number of samples and additional validation experiments needed. Since 2013, InSyBio has worked with hundreds of academics, large and small companies, hospitals and research centers allowing them to succeed in their biomarker discovery tasks with an increase of at least 10% in predictive accuracy and decrease of at least 80% in overall time and cost.

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