Modern biological network based techniques webinar and demonstration as a tool for the discovery of diagnostic biomarkers. Biological networks have always been a strong tool for bioinformaticians to study the complex underlying mechanisms of diseases. However, their application for the discovery of predictive biomarkers is limited. Biomarker discovery on the other hand is the common […]

This event introduced participants to modern bioinformatics, machine learning and AI tools and methods for processing RNA-seq data. Next generation sequencing experiments have allowed among others the identification and the quantification of numerous genes and non coding RNA molecules! Statistical and AI based techniques can inform us about differentially expressed genes and gene signatures which […]

Intriduction to experimental and computational mass spectrometry proteomics pipelines for biomecial application and discovery of biomarkers. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is a strong tool for the proteome of biosamples and has numerous applications for the discovery of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic biomarkers. However, there exist several different complementary mass spectrometry based techniques (e.g. labelled vs label […]

This webinar introduced state-of-the-art digital tools and their application for the different stages of product development. It was co-hosted by EuroPharm , VINC – The Capital of Life Sciences, and InSyBio. It is the 3rd webinar of the series “Increasing pharma SMEs’ competitiveness through digitalization and cooperation with start-ups”. The objective of this series is to show […]

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